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We understand  that a renovation may be stressful if you don’t know the exact process and the times at which each stage is due to be completed. We ensure our clients are informed every step of the way as to what they can expect – timeframes, which trades will be on the project and the duration of the work. We only use the highest quality tradesmen and only select those who understand our vision and how we operate our business. Our team act with professionalism and integrity at all times. 

We aim to make clients at ease and comfortable with the whole process and with our trades. We understand it is a privilege to be in your home to carry out renovations so we respect and protect your home throughout the entire renovation process. 

Your premium Townsville renovation starts here, contact Anthony and Lynda on (07) 4767 5165 today.

Passionate about renovation

Anthony’s passion for building started at an early age after walking through the family home during its construction. He was fascinated with all stages of construction and decided he wanted to become a builder so he could bring his many creative ideas to life. He has a genuine interest in building and construction and finds new challenges exciting and rewarding.

Anthony has 27 years experience in the building industry, he has renovated everything from units to rural station homesteads to old Queenslanders. His extensive knowledge of  renovation techniques and unique materials to use in special circumstances are his expertise. Anthony’s manner, professionalism, knowledge and quality of workmanship sets him apart.

Your premium Townsville renovation starts here, contact Anthony and Lynda on (07) 4767 5165 today.

Partners with an early interest in building

Lynda’s interest in building also began when she was a little girl, living on a rural property/hobby farm on the outskirts of Townsville.  She clearly remembers her father building the house and along with her brother and sister,  would carry blocks for him to where he needed them. She would run in out of the openings, knowing where each room was going to be and watched every step of the process and loved every minute of it. Still to this day, she loves the smell of fresh concrete, cut timbers, paint and everything and anything related to building. Her passion for building and renovation has only grown over the years.

When Lynda met Anthony, she gave up her job to work with him every day on the tools.  After a couple of years, they ended up too busy and she needed to take on the administration role in the business but she misses the building work and takes every opportunity to visit jobs to be able see every stage completed.  She has a newfound respect for anyone working as a tradesman, as it’s not easy work yet it’s also extremely rewarding when at the end of the day you can sit back and see what you have achieved. Lynda feels very privileged to be able help clients realise their renovation dreams and finds herself getting excited along with them when they are going through the process.

Anthony and Lynda have made some great friends along the way in this journey. Seeing their clients reactions at the completion of their projects is what makes this job so enjoyable and rewarding.

As part of the Renovare team, Anthony and Lynda share the same vision, drive and passion to provide exceptional service, a superior product and to be leaders in the renovation industry. Our combined passion for renovation is what drives us to do what we do each day.

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